Temis Transportation can provide you Fleet Management and Operations

Whether it be consulting, technical assistance, management responsibilities or a partnership, Temis Transportation works closely with its client to optimize the operation and maintenance of their rolling stock.

  • Expertise
  • Fleet Operations and Management
  • Strategic direction
  • Long-term operations: management of assets, governance and financing
  • Short-term operations: parts management, fuel management and maintenance shop management
  • Information systems: maintenance and vehicle monitoring systems Rolling Stock
  • Light vehicles and trucks
  • Light and heavy machinery
  • Public transit fleets (buses, subway cars, streetcars, trains, etc)
  • Public or private-sector fleets
  • Commercial and technical fleets

Temis Inc is a Holding Company headquartered in Miami, Florida, USA.

With a multinational staff, we manage a group of companies, focused primarily in the United States, Africa and South America.

We operate autonomously on commercial principles to maximize long-term returns.