Temis Compliance & Survey assist our customers within the maritime industry to manage their risks, through analysis of ship classification, fuel testing and a range of technical business risk, environmental and competency-related services.

Temis Compliance & Survey has the experience, competence and technology to be a partner for the maritime industry, ports and offshore industries in order to improve the present state of affairs and meet future challenges concerning pollution. All operations associated with offshore activities are normally either time critical or very costly – or both. In addition, all operations need to continuously improve in terms of reducing their environmental footprint. One logical extension of these facts is that exploration, construction and production offshore requires efficient, resilient supply and support functions that minimises the risk of service interruption while also optimising the environmental efficiency.

We assist you in analysing, optimising or designing your total supply operations and logistics infrastructure in terms of energy efficiency, environmental impact, risk and robustness.

Your company will benefit when performing a total review of the transport and logistics network for a given operation, bottlenecks and redundancies will be revealed. An analysis of the energy efficiency of the transport system will identify potentials for improving the performance of the supply services.

The ability of Temis Compliance & Survey to draw on expertise within logistics and optimisation, ships, ports and offshore operations Rules and Regulations, risk and vulnerability analyses and more will make this a truly unique service.


Temis Inc is a Holding Company headquartered in Miami, Florida, USA.

With a multinational staff, we manage a group of companies, focused primarily in the United States, Africa and South America.

We operate autonomously on commercial principles to maximize long-term returns.